This program is available for download only as a Windows Executable file.

This software package is designed to abbreviate and order CLUSTAL files based on species names. It contains the following:
  • A tool for creating abbreviation files for species names
  • A tool for applying the above abbreviations to CLUSTAL files, as well as modifying files to contain the same species ordering.
This executable package contains two programs.

The first program creates an abbrevation file based on a CLUSTAL file. This abbrevation file is used for the second program, but has other general uses.

The second program takes in a set of CLUSTAL files, one of which is designated the "Template" file. All files are first abbreviated using the abbreviation file created in part one, then the species are ordered according to the specified template file.

The result is a set of modified CLUSTAL files which all contain the same set of abbreviated species names, in the same order.

View sample input/output files. All files should be in a plain-text format (.txt, .csv, .xml, etc.).